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News (News usually get deleted after some months)
  1. 02.05.2017 - Autoplay for Spin & Win! 
  2. 28.04.2017 - A better Spin & Win? Got it! 
  3. 29.03.2017 - Updated server status information. 
  4. 30.01.2017 - Dynamic refresh for the right side information. 
  5. 28.11.2016 - The Launcher of the Main Game Client has been updated. 
  6. 15.11.2016 - Known issue. (Main Game Client Launcher) 
  7. 09.10.2016 - Our website upgraded to version 3.7. 
  8. 21.07.2016 - Announcing website updates. 
  9. 15.07.2016 - Best bowsers to view our website. (Last Update: 21.02.2017) 
  10. 14.06.2016 - Blacksmith Mu moved to the next level. (Website Updates) 
  11. 14.06.2016 - Blacksmith Mu moved to the next level. (Game Updates) 

We want to maintain a unique quality to all the players of Blacksmith Mu. So it's strictly required to follow the game's rules as written below otherwise we will be in the bad position to permanently ban you from the game.
  1. Offensive words (including threatening, harrasing, defamatory, vulgar, hateful, racial, ethical) are forbidden.
  2. Cheats are forbidden.
  3. Advertisements during gameplay including websites, applications etc. are forbidden.
  4. Credits' transfer from one account to another is forbidden.
  5. Purchased from the Webshop items or services cannot be returned to refund credits.
  6. Game Masters can start an event (after approval and based on events' schedule) but it is forbidden to participate in any of them.
  7. Game Masters are forbidden to give any items or credits to players.
  8. Never reveal your personal account information to other players. The Blacksmith Mu staff will never ask you to provide this information too.
  9. You must always respect the Blacksmith Mu staff as you are always respected by us.
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